In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference. In 20 sessions you’ll see the difference. In 30 sessions you’ll have a new body.

– Joseph Pilates

A strong, healthy body supports and healthy mind.

In our fully equipped Pilates Studio, we offer classes and one-to-one sessions following the contemporary STOTT PILATES® Matwork and Reformer method as well as classes which follow the Classical Pilates repertoire of exercises. 

Our Pilates Reformer and Pilates Tower classes are small group classes (maximum 6 participants), which is the next best thing to one-to-one training. Our highly skilled teachers will expertly guide you throughout the session to ensure you fully understand the method of Pilates and achieve your full potential in every session. 

Through regular practice you will develop muscular strength, flexibility and of course, core strength.

Pilates focuses on improving posture and joint alignment, therefore reducing the occurrence of back pain and general joint pain. Pilates brings focus to the mind and a deeper connection within the ‘powerhouse’/’core’ of your body. Many of our clients started practicing Pilates for rehabilitation and now it forms an essential part of their lives to stay pain and injury free. 

Pilates for sport and athletic conditioning will support your chosen activity and help you train like an athlete.

If you haven’t practiced Pilates before we suggest a 1-1 session with one of our teachers or you could attend one of our Beginners Courses. These courses run regularly throughout the year and cover all the Pilates disciples that we offer at the studio: Reformer, Matwork and Tower Pilates. 

We also offer 1-1 sessions as part of injury rehab, please contact us via the link below to discuss what options are available to you. 


Pilates Foundations (Matwork/Reformer combo). A great place to start if you’re completely new to pilates. In a few sessions you will understand the basic principles of Pilates and be able to diversify into other Pilates classes.

Pilates Matwork: Open level. In this floor-based class you will practice a wider range of matwork exercises, further developing your core strength, postural alignment, strength, endurance and flexibility. We use a range of small equipment in some classes to help deepen the connection you feel in your body. 

Small Group Equipment Classes: Pilates Reformer and Pilates Tower: The Pilates apparatus is used to support your body and deepen the connection and ‘feel’ in your body helping you fully achieve the requirements of each exercise. 

Pilates Reformer Classes 

The Pilates Reformer is a principle piece of Pilates apparatus. The moving carriage and adjustable spring tension challenges core strength, stability and balance. The Pilates reformer is suitable for anyone, at any level of fitness.

Pilates Reformer: Open level. This class is a great progression from the beginners classes. What’s not to love about the Pilates Reformer? Guaranteed to build amazing core (and fully body) strength, improve flexibility and posture. The spring tension and moving platform challenges the body like no other piece of fitness equipment. All the instructors at the studio are highly trained in the STOTT PILATES method, so you can expect a consistently high standard of teaching at Lotus. This class is perfect if you have practiced a little pilates before or you have a moderate level of fitness. 

Intermediate Pilates Reformer. This class follows the Intermediate Classical Reformer Repertoire. You are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of Pilates to attend this class. By following the Classical repertoire we develop a challenging flow by incorporating transitions between exercises into the class. We may also introduce some of the advanced repertoire into this class. (NB – if this class is taught by a substitute teacher, the level will be intermediate, but they may not follow the classical repertoire) 

Pilates Reformer for all levels of fitness. Whatever your sport or fitness regime, Pilates will enhance your performance by improving core strength, endurance and flexibility. 

The core is the ‘powerhouse’ from where we generate speed, power and alignment during movement. A must to stay injury free and develop your strength and endurance.

Pilates Tower Classes

The Pilates Tower is an extremely versatile piece of apparatus, which is based on the Cadillac – another principle piece of PIlates apparatus. The Tower is suitable for beginners to more advanced practitioners. Like the reformer, the varying spring tension and resistance on the tower will help you deepen the connection to your powerhouse, build strength, flexibility, control and balance to the body. When using the Pilates equipment you’ll feel the progression and connection to your body very quickly. 

The small class size (max 6) offers a more personalised session. You will alway be guaranteed excellent care, guidance and tuition in every session. 

The Tower workout is a dynamic, powerful workout, which not only improves strength, posture and alignment, but helps improve flexibility and full range of movement throughout the whole body. 

You will leave the class feeling strong, energised and much taller. 

Pilates Tower: Open/Beginners. This class will introduce you to the basic level exercises. The varying spring tensions and adjustments provides versatility to suit all levels and sizes. If you have never practiced Pilates before, we suggest you attend a few Pilates Foundation classes before attending this class. 

Pilates Tower: Open level. To attend this class, we would expect that you have practiced either Matwork or Reformer Pilates or have a good level of fitness.

Pilates for Back care. Our Back Care classes are smaller to allow for a little more individual attention. You will work at your own level in this class to gain strength, stability and alignment to help alleviate back pain and bring movement to the spine. 

Some of us may experience back pain due to stiffness, sitting for long periods of time or muscle weakness. If you are suffering from long term back pain, it’s advisable to see your GP, a Physiotherapist or other healthcare professional to understand a little more about what is causing your back pain before joining the class.

Courses and Workshops 

Beginner’s Pilates Reformer: 5-week course (5 sessions). We run this course regularly throughout the year. It will introduce you to the Pilates Reformer apparatus, the basic principles of Pilates and provide you with a solid foundation of the essential Pilates Reformer exercises. 

On completion of the course you can start to attend the ‘Open level’ or ‘Open/beginners’ classes on the timetable.

Beginner’s Pilates Tower and Matwork: 5-week course. (5 sessions). We run this course regularly throughout the year. It will introduce you to the Pilates Tower apparatus, Matwork the basic principles of Pilates and provide you with a solid foundation of the essential Pilates Tower exercises. 

Check the ‘Workshops’ page for the next Beginners Reformer and Tower courses. 

Beginners Pilates – Full Studio: 10 sessions. This is our ‘gold standard’ course. Combine the Beginner’s Reformer and Tower/Matwork courses for the Full Studio Pilates course. The course covers all the Pilates disciples we offer at the studio: Reformer, Tower and Matwork. 

Throughout this course you will gain an insight into how the apparatus helps you feel the deep muscular connection to our ‘powerhouse’/’core’ and provides the thread of progression from the essential exercises and basic principles of Pilates to more advanced exercises, and ultimately feeling the Pilates method of exercise in your body. 

On completion of the course you will feel confident to attend any of the Pilates or Equipment based classes at the studio. You will feel a noticeable progression by attending 2 sessions per week. This really is the perfect start to developing a strong, regular Pilates practice and truly feel the benefits of the undisputed, amazing system of exercise. 


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Pilates isn't just about big machines like#reformerormer or Tow#pilatesmatworktwork is a cheaper, simpler, and more accessible way to gain the benefits of a Pilates workout. 💪Just as we use machines to deepen the connection to our core, in matwork we use small apparatus to activate and strengthen. Get a feel for matwork at the studio with this 20 minute taster where Sandra shows us how the stability ball enhances connection to the abs, glutes, and back muscles. www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZiP_iX6frIMatwork Classes - Tuesday 10.15am Tuesday 6.30pmSaturday 9.00am ... See MoreSee Less
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