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Lotus Health and Fitness was founded by Clare Bannister in 2012. Clare originally trained and qualified as a nutritionist, and had a long career teaching and lecturing in the fitness industry. Working with a diverse range of people over her career, it became evident that one diet or way of eating, or indeed one approach to fitness and wellbeing doesn’t suit everyone.

Now a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Clare’s unique ‘east meets west’ approach to nutrition, wellbeing and fitness truly caters for you as an individual with individual needs. Clare’s study of Ayurvedic Nutrition and Ayurvedic Massage therapy, compliments the physical programme of Yoga and Pilates classes we offer at the studio.

Our aim at Lotus Health and Fitness is to provide high quality, personalised, Yoga practice, STOTT Pilates training and a route to total health and wellbeing. We are more than a studio, which offers Yoga and PIlates classes. With the classes and therapies we offer, we want you to experience and achieve total health and wellbeing for body and mind.


The world in which we live and the demands we place upon ourselves can be tough on the body and the mind. Lotus Health and Fitness can help you achieve balance - radiant good health.

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Golden Squash with Spinach

We tend to think that by combining lots of vegetables in one meal we boost our intake of vitamins and minerals. Keep it simple and kind to the digestive system. Use two simple, delicious ingredients adding a generous amount of spices to enhance their digestibly as...

Ayurvedic Cold and Flu Remedies

Simple kitchen ingredients to alleviate cold and flu symptoms Ingredients: 6 limes 150g ginger 150g jaggery or unrefined brown sugar Honey Thalisadee (optional)       The how to: Juice the limes. Scrape and chop the ginger. Add all the ingredients...

Aubergine Melanzane

Rich, comforting and delicious. The red pepper sauce, gives a satisfying depth of flavour as opposed to the acidity from a traditional tomato sauce.  Ingredients: 2 medium aubergines Red pepper sauce. 50g grated parmesan or whatever cheese you fancy. Goat's cheese...

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Lotus Health and Fitness

Toasted hazelnuts and almonds. A pinch of rock salt and that’s it: the most delicious nut butter!!! You need a pretty powerful food mixer to blitz the nuts to a smooth consistency. For all you peanut butter loving Pitta’s, this is your more balancing alternative. Scroll left to see me favourite sweet, satisfying treat. Ditch the chocolate and sugar. Try this, you’ll be hooked!! #ayurvedicfoods #pittadoshabalance #lotuslifestyleuk @ Lotus Health and Fitness ... See MoreSee Less

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