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Lotus was founded by Clare Bannister in 2012.

Lotus offers an Ayurvedic approach to health and wellbeing with a focus on activity, diet and nutrition and therapies to suit you. Ayurveda is a tried and tested, common sense approach to living well; staying in balance and in harmony with your environment. We understand you are an individual and your diet, lifestyle, exercise and activity preferences are unique to you.

All our activities, therapies and treatments are designed to suit you and make you feel better both inside and out.  We offer a range of physical activities including Yoga, Mat and Reformer Pilates classes and 1-1 sessions to suit all levels.

We provide diet and nutritional therapy and workshops, to support optimal health and; Ayurvedic massage therapy for treatment of common ailments and relaxation time for you.

Whatever stage of life you are in, Lotus will support you and help you feel physically and emotionally well and become the best version of yourself.



The world in which we live and the demands we place upon ourselves can be tough on the body and the mind. Lotus Health and Fitness can help you achieve balance - radiant good health.

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Winter Dosha Balancing Recipes

Winter Dosha Balancing Recipes

The flow of the seasons has moved from the pace and mobility of summer and autumn to the still, calm nature of winter. Our Ayurvedic Winter cleanse will help you develop a daily routine to help support you through this season. Winter is dominated by the elements of...

Vegan Christmas Sweet Treats and Mulled Drinks

Vegan Christmas Sweet Treats and Mulled Drinks

Throughout the week we're offering sweet, Christmas treats and drinks.  Using sweet, warming spices gives these sweets treats a delicious flavour of Christmas. Chocolate Ginger Tiffin. Ingredients: 75g Coconut oil 200g Vegan dark chocolate 2tbs Agave syrup 200g ginger...

Winter Turmeric Recipes.

Winter Turmeric Recipes.

Scientific research provides us with the vast array of the health benefits of turmeric. Here, we explore this from an Ayurvedic perspective to bring you what has been known for thousands of years through the practice of this traditional medicine. It is well documented...

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Ashtanga Workshop this weekend. - mailchi.mp/b3babd1e23f3/join-us-for-the-kirtan-the-yoga-of-sound-friday-26th-april-7-8pm-2686599 Have you been thinking of trying Ashtanga Yoga?

Take time to explore the Primary Series under the expert guidance from Anita.

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic practice, which not only develops strength and flexibility in the physical body, but develops focus, and concentration. Through a regular practice, you will discover the meditative benefits of this practice through synchronising the movements with the breath. Building internal heat helps purify the body and sweating offers a pathway for toxins to leave the body.
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