‘Yoga is like life – it’s a balance of holding on and letting go. Yoga does not change the way you see, it transforms the person who sees. It’s not only for he flexible, it’s for the willing’

Through regular Yoga practice you will feel physically strong and supple.

Yoga works on the whole self – body and mind. Practicing Yoga will strengthen your mental focus as well as making space to allow the body and mind to settle, relax and unwind. Some Yoga practice will leave you feeling invigorated, with energy levels you never thought possible while others will bring a sense of calm, peace and groundedness

Yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation practices have a positive and stimulating effect on the internal organs, immune system, digestive and lymphatic system, therefore providing a therapeutic treatment for many conditions.

For many people, practicing Yoga is simply a form of exercise or a way of alleviating the stresses of modern life, but ultimately, the practice of Yoga is a truly holistic approach to health. It has a positive effect on the whole self, both physically and mentally.

Yoga classes are practiced in a friendly, non-competitive environment and are suitable for all levels. Read more about the classes we offer at the studio or contact us with any questions. 


Yoga Foundations. If you’re completely new to Yoga, this is the ideal place to start. The pace of the class will be slower to allow you to gain a good understanding of the postures. Props are available to help you achieve correct alignment in the postures.

Hatha Yoga for All. This Hatha Yoga class is open to all levels of ability. If you have never practiced Yoga before, you are encouraged to come along to the class early to meet the teacher and have a chat to prepare you for your practice or to attend the beginners class. The classes taught are firmly grounded in the traditional Hatha Yoga asanas (posture). 

Hatha Yoga for All (prenatal inclusive). The teachers skillfully blend Yoga asanas with breath work (pranayama) and meditation practices to rejuvenate and nourish the whole self. On a physical level, a regular Yoga practice will promote strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. Total well being is attained by connecting with and balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Power Vinyasa. This class is for mixed levels with a regular yoga practice. A creative vinyasa taking you all over your mat for a fun practice from pranayama to shavasana. Inversions are always present but optional, a core series helps you take your practice further and no sequence is the same from week to week. Discover where your body can take you on and off the mat with Justine.

Energising Vinyasa Flow. This class is a great class to start your week. Vinyasa Flow is a style of Yoga where we link the breath and movement of the body creating and invigorating, dynamic class. The class is accessible if you have practiced a little yoga before. Karren themes her classes to offer a deeper understanding of Yoga and will guide you through each posture offering adaptations where needed.

Yin Yoga.  This is a slower paced class, where postures are held for longer. It is a wonderful class to relieve tension and stress in the hips. legs and back. It’s the perfect compliment to the more flowing, dynamic classes. With the fast pace of life, slow down your practice and relax into a gentle restorative practice. It’s the perfect antidote to the pace of modern life.

Yogasana. This is an intermediate level class. Anna’s classes incorporate Mantra, Bhakti, Asana and Pranayama. It’s important that yogis leave her classes feeling like they have learnt about true Yoga; the union of many things including body, mind and breath. They are challenging but intuitive, taking inspiration from traditional teachings. Asana is after all a modern traditional practice, but Anna brings it bang up to date with contemporary music and a sense of humor. She leaves every class with a smile, and hopes you will too.

Yoga Conditioning – Core Flow. The class brings together the very best of Yoga and Pilates. The combination of this Vinyasa style Yoga class withfocused Pilates exercises will develop whole body strength, flexibility, posture with a special emphasis on core strength.

Yang – Yin. This class is all about creating balance. The Yang section of this class is dynamic and transformative to give a revitalising start to your weekend. Karren’s creative Vinyasa flow will energise and boost the metabolism. The Yin section is more grounding – harnessing the internal heat of the body to deepen and immerse yourself in Yin Yoga postures to develop flexibility and mobility. This class is the perfect start to your weekend, bringing balance and well-being.


yoga at lotus health and fitness
yoga at lotus health and fitness

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After each class I always feel worked out, light as a feather and totally relaxed.

– Luana

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