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Lotus Health and Fitness was founded by Clare Bannister in 2012

‘I’ve worked in the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Industry for over 25 years. Throughout this time I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and skills which I now bring to my studio. 

Why do we offer Pilates, Yoga and Ayurveda? Each practice follows the holistic philosophy of mind-body health and fitness. 

Lotus offers an Ayurvedic approach to health, fitness  and wellbeing, with a focus on activity, nutrition and therapies to suit you whatever your fitness level and goals. 

Ayurveda is a tried and tested, common sense approach to living well; staying in good health, and in harmony with your environment. At Lotus we understand that we are all individual, and our diet, lifestyle, exercise and activity preferences are unique.

We offer a range of physical activities including Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Tower and Mat based Pilates classes and 1-1 sessions designed to suit all levels.

We provide diet and nutritional therapy and workshops, to support optimal health and Ayurvedic massage therapy for treatment of common ailments and relaxation time for you.

Whatever stage of life you are in, whatever level of fitness you have, Lotus will support and help you feel physically and emotionally well and become the best version of yourself.

The world in which we live and the demands we place upon ourselves can be tough on the body and the mind. Lotus Health and Fitness can help you achieve balance - radiant good health.

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Sweet, Smokey Harissa

Sweet, Smokey Harissa

You won’t regret making the quantities in this recipe. Unlike shop-bought Harissa. This is sweet, smokey and not too spicy. It’s the perfect condiment to add, to pretty much anything from your breakfast eggs to lentil soup. Ingredients: Serves 6 1 Jar roasted sweet...

Autumn Recipes

Autumn Recipes

The cooling, bitters greens of summer move towards the warming, earthy tones of Autumn. From an Ayurvedic perspective, Autumn is the season where Vata dosha dominates. The elements that govern Vata dosha are air and space, bringing the characteristics of movement,...

Rice pudding (porridge) with apple sauce

Rice pudding (porridge) with apple sauce

Both an Ayurvedic staple: Rice porridge and apple sauce. Eaten alone or together are delicious in equal measure. How you make your rice porridge will help balance the doshas. Ingredients: Apple Sauce I used sweet eating apples, so didn’t add any sugar.  1 cinnamon...

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From the 19th July to late August, we'll be running a slightly reduced timetable as some teachers take a well deserved break ☀️The timetable has been updated to show all#summerummer classes and we'll do our best to run as many as we can. However if bookings are low, we may have to cancel a class 2 hours prior to the start time. To help us with this please book your classes early so we know you're coming 🙏In the meantime we've been busy recording classes for you to do at home, so you can continue your practice when can't get to a class. There's already a few classes linked in #pilates #yogam#pilatesathome#yogaathomeo#SummerWorkoutome #yogaathome #summerworkout ... See MoreSee Less
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Pilates isn't just about big machines like#reformerormer or Tow#pilatesmatworktwork is a cheaper, simpler, and more accessible way to gain the benefits of a Pilates workout. 💪Just as we use machines to deepen the connection to our core, in matwork we use small apparatus to activate and strengthen. Get a feel for matwork at the studio with this 20 minute taster where Sandra shows us how the stability ball enhances connection to the abs, glutes, and back muscles. www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZiP_iX6frIMatwork Classes - Tuesday 10.15am Tuesday 6.30pmSaturday 9.00am ... See MoreSee Less
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