The cooling, bitters greens of summer move towards the warming, earthy tones of Autumn. From an Ayurvedic perspective, Autumn is the season where Vata dosha dominates.

The elements that govern Vata dosha are air and space, bringing the characteristics of movement, cold, dry and rough. The tastes which share these characteristics are: bitter, pungent and astringent, so our recipes for Autumn provide the opposing qualities: grounding and warming. These tastes are sweet, sour and salty; all of which are balancing for Vata dosha.

Links to our Autumn Recipes 

Rice (pudding) porridge and apple sauce

Red lentil soup (or dhal)

Butternut squash, sage pasta


Three Autumn Soups for the doshas 

Breakfast/Brunch for the Dosha 

Sweet and Savoury Pancakes 

Smoky Black Bean Soup