An Ayurvedic diet is naturally alkaline friendly.

No doubt you will have read, or may be following an alkaline diet. The ‘Alkaline Diet’ or simply, the predominantly alkaline approach to eating has become popularised by the media. An Ayurvedic diet, which has been followed by many for thousands of years, naturally promotes a more alkaline way of eating.

The benefits of a predominantly alkaline diet:

The modern Western diet promotes consumption of acid forming foods. Excess acidity (acidosis) in the body can lead to: hardening of the arteries, premature ageing, constipation and bloating, lack of energy, weight problems, inflammation, gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath; to name just a few conditions. 
Although it is difficult (and unnecessary) to eliminate acid forming foods entirely from your diet, you should be aiming to consume a ratio of 3:1 alkaline : acid. Following an Ayurvedic approach to eating will help you do this.

Pitta type individuals will particularly benefit from a more alkaline diet. Eating predominantly alkaline will: promote better digestion and elimination, help you maintain a healthy, natural weight, improve the condition of the skin and bones, reduce the occurrence of inflammatory conditions (from cancers to heart disease) and help you feel full of energy and vitality. 

Acid and Alkaline forming foods for you to consider: