The preparation phase of this sequence will warm and open the hips, legs and lower back.
Seated hip circles
 Start in a seated cross legged position with the left foot in front of the right. If you cannot maintain a neutral spine while seated cross legged, sit on a block or rolled up mat.

Maintain a long spine throughout and circle from the hip. Complete a full circle on each inhale and exhale. Repeat 4 times in each direction.
Left hand resting on left knee. Drop right hand to floor and lower chest to the thigh.

Extend right leg and rest right forearm on the floor or slide it under the calf muscle if you can. Keep the chest open by drawing the left shoulder back. Inhale as you raise the right arm to the head and exhale as you laterally flex. Hold for 5 breaths, each time reaching the left elbow closer to the right toes. Inhale return.
Place the right foot in front of the left foot and repeat all of the above.

Cat – Cow stretch

Inhale – drop the belly to the floor.
Exhale – draw in the lower belly,  arching the spine to the ceiling. 
Repeat x 5. On the last exhale move into Adho Mukka Svanasana (down facing dog).

Surya Namaskar – After 2 rounds Include ‘Tail of the dog’ and ‘Hip Opening’. Repeat for 2 rounds.
Step back into Ashta Chandrasana. Hold for 5 breaths. Try to maintain a neutral pelvis by tilting the pubic bone to the navel.

Inhale – lower the back knee to the floor.

Exhale – return.

Parivritta Badhha Parsvakonassana
Rotate the spine towards the front leg. Draw the top shoulder back and open the chest. Start by resting tricep on the outer thigh and progress to resting hand on the floor or full posture. Hold for 3 breaths.


Move into Uttanasana(forward bend) and repeat on the opposite side.

Repeat Surya Namaskar (adding tail of the dog – down facing dog with leg extended)
Step forward into Ashta Chandrasana then into Bakasana (crane pose). Hold for 5 breaths.

Transition into Virabhadrasana 3 (warrior 3). Hold for 5 breaths.  

Bend and straighten supporting leg 5 time. 

Inhale – lower. Exhale – straighten. 

Focus on completely straightening the supporting leg.

This sequence requires a great deal of leg strength, so each asana can be performed individually. Move to Tadasana(mountain pose) for 5 breaths between each asana.
Repeat on the opposite side as you flow through Surya Namaskar
Rest in Tadasana after you have comepleted the above.
From Tadasana – Exhale – Step back into Ashta Chandrasana
Inhale – Hand to knee or toe. Repeat 5-10 times. Hold final posture (hand to knee or toe) Utthita Hasta Patangusthasana for 5 breaths.

Revolve and hold the positions is an option.

Release hands and hold leg extended for 5 breaths is a further option. Ensure you hold an upright posture and hold uddiyana (lower belly) and moola band (pelvic floor) tightly throughout.
Repeat on the opposite side.
This sequence requires a great deal of leg strength, so each asana can be performed individually. Move to Tadasana (mountain pose) for 5 breaths between each asana.
Finish the sequence with a deep release for the hips and hamstrings.

Focus on lengthening the spine and contracting quadriceps muscles by directing the heels away from the body, gently moving the toes towards the body and pushing the quadriceps towards the floor. If you cannot maintain a straight spine, sit on a block or cushion.  Hold for 5 breaths observing the stillness and strength in the posture.  Then, completely let go of all muscle tension.

Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)
Try to maintain length in the spine throughout this posture. Gently lower the chest to the thighs. Move slowly without any jerky movements. Observe the gently lengthening of the hamstrings. Hold for 5 breaths.
As a counter pose move the spine in the opposite direction for 1 breath.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (seated spine twist)
Keep the extended leg active throughout this posture by gently lifting the toes towards the body. Place right foot on the floor, of the outside the left thigh. 

Inhale – lengthen through the spine. 

Exhale – rotate the spine, taking your gaze over the right shoulder. 

Hold for 5 breaths. Inhale – lengthen spine. Exhale – rotate.
Deep hip release

Allow the right knee to drop to the floor and gently lift the left knee. Keep the spine long and gently move right knee away from the body. Hold for 5 breaths.
Cradle the right leg in the arms and gently rock the leg to further release the hip.

Deep hamstring stretch

Take hold of the right foot or place a strap around the foot. Gently straighten the leg. Keep the chest lifted and spine long. Gently bring the toes towards the body and push the heel away from the body. Hold for 5 breaths.
Release and observe a lightness in the right leg and hip.
Repeat sequence on the opposite side.
Finish in Savasana. Focus on your gentle breath, allowing the whole body to relax.