The Power of the Breath


Join the Lotus Teachers as they guide you through some short breathwork and mediation practices.

A one minute breath practice is a little you can give to yourself every day or as many times as you wish. It’s a meditation practice if you find it difficult to meditate. 

Practice this with Karren each day for one minute to feel the benefits. If you’ve got longer, stay for five minutes. Think about when you are going to incorporate it into your day….when you wake up, before you go to bed, when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. 

Add this practice to your wellbeing toolbox, pull it out when you need it most to: 

1 or 5 minute Alternate Nostril Breathing

To bring a sense of calm and relaxation or when you feel the mind is racing too fast. 

To reduce stress and anxiety

To help change habits. Maybe you find yourself snacking throughout the day. 1 minute focused breathing gives you enough time to redirect your thoughts away from the unwanted behaviour.

15 Mins: A short Meditation to Calm a Busy Mind.