Good Heath and Good Living

In my first post, I would like to introduce you to Lotus Health and Fitness.
Following the basic principles of yoga practice forms the foundations of what I believe leads to a healthier, more positive life. Lotus Health and Fitness provides instruction and guidance to help you achieve this.
Exercise – be active, get to know what your body can do. Whatever your thing is….do it. Yoga, Pilates, running, jumping, walking or gardening, do something you enjoy and do it regularly. If you need some guidance, I’ll share some ideas with you.

Diet – Without a doubt, your diet has a massive influence on your health. It’s not all about how much you eat but also the quality of the food you eat. Nourish your body with nutritious, tasty, food and enjoy what you eat. I’ll be sharing some recipes and food I love to eat….and grow.

Breathing and relaxation – In Yoga, pranayama is a series of exercises, which manipulate the natural breath pattern. Ultimately, pranayama is practiced in preparation for meditation. In everyday life we can use this practice of manipulating the breath to calm and relax the mind, relieving stress and energising the body.
Positive thinking – Take time to do what makes you happy. Spend time with family, listening to music, gardening, cooking, or taking a holiday. Try to fill your life and thoughts with positive experiences.
These are just some small steps to achieving ‘total health’. Start making the steps and experience what good health is.



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